SPAY & NEUTER           


Do you need help with spaying and neutering your dog or cat? 
We may be able to help you.  There are several programs that we have available depending on where you live and what needs your dog or cat may have.  If funding is available, we can also help with vaccinating your pet at the same time of the spay or neuter appointment.  You can chose from several low cost vets that we have established relationships with.
Our primary geographic area of assistance is in the city of San Bernardino or surrounding lower income areas.  Seniors are also given preference.  Our ability to help is dependent on the funding we have at any given time.  We will try to help anyone in need.  If your needs are beyond what we can help with, we have other organizations that we can refer you to as well, so please reach out to us. 
For more information or to get started, please email us at: 

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